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Anaqua, the leading provider of innovation and intellectual property management solutions, acquired O P Solutions and welcomed its entire staff to the Anaqua family in June 2020. Both companies share a deep commitment to providing our client communities and the broader market with best-in-class software solutions. With deep roots in IP practice management, the acquisition provides a strong catalyst for Anaqua’s future success in this market.

PATTSY WAVE ® joined Anaqua to help address the varying needs and requirements of the IP law firm market. Anaqua will continue to invest in both solutions globally and offer its expanded suite of services, including patent annuity and trademark renewal payments, to the entire client base.



PATTSY WAVE ® is a powerful, automated docketing software that is used by nearly 200 law firms and corporations around the globe. Its unmatched IP business logic makes it the ideal choice for IP practitioners and professionals who need technology they can rely on. PATTSY WAVE is designed from the ground up to increase operational efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce the complexity of managing IP with an innovative, single-screen design.

The software leverages its exceptional docketing engine that is the foundation of PATTSY WAVE to provide incomparable workflow and collaboration tools including single-click correspondence and forms generation, imaging capabilities, PTO interaction, and automated email reminders.

Every feature and function is designed by our expert team of engineers and software professionals with an unwavering commitment to operational efficiency. The browser-based interface is the ideal solution for IP operations managers, docketing staff, attorneys, and paralegals that require easy access at the office, or from remote locations, whether on-the-road, at home, or while meeting with a prospective client. Additionally, clients can seamlessly access their IP data once proper security privileges are provisioned.

PATTSY WAVE is the ideal docketing software choice for organizations looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their domestic or international IP practice.



The PATTSY IP management software has been a market leader in the Intellectual Property industry for decades. More top 100 patent and trademark filers in North America use PATTSY than virtually all other docketing software products on the market . . . and there is good reason. Every feature and function has been designed and deployed by our talented staff of engineers and software professionals with an unwavering commitment to operational efficiency. Our signature “single-screen design” and focus on IP practice automation has consistently set PATTSY apart from competing products.

While our exceptional docketing feature forms the foundation of PATTSY, the software contains countless integrated workflow and collaborative tools including letter and forms generation, image linking, PTO interaction and email reminders to name a few. The powerful custom report writer can be exploited by any staff member with or without technical knowledge.

PATTSY WAVE’s browser based interface is the ideal solution for attorneys, paralegals, or docket staff that require easy access at the office, or from remote locations whether on-the-road, at home or while meeting with a prospective client. Additionally, clients can seamlessly access their IP data once proper security privileges are provisioned.

PATTSY is the ideal software choice for legal professionals looking to improve efficiency and accuracy of their domestic or international IP practice. The product includes integrated modules for management of Patents, Trademarks, License Agreements and General Matters each of which is described in greater detail below.

PATTSY's patent management capabilities are unrivaled. Each stage of domestic and international patent prosecution has been carefully considered; the system can differentiate between provisional and non-provisional patents, continuations and continuations-in-part, PCT applications and standard foreign filings, among countless others. Integration with numerous public and private websites including but not limited to USPTO (PAIR), WIPO (PCT), EPO, and CIPO ensures maximum efficiency and accuracy of your patent data.

Generate information disclosure statements with ease using PATTSY's IDS management tool; compile prior art citations including references across immediate or extended patent families, perform keyword searches to identify art within specific technology areas or upload prior art documents including patent filings and non-patent literature (NPL's) for reference or easy access when making IDS submissions.

In addition to its highly advanced portfolio management capabilities, PATTSY offers a robust set of practice automation and workflow tools designed to make any Intellectual Property operation more productive.

O P Solutions' commitment to trademark management sets us apart in an industry dominated by patent-centric annuity payers whose trademark modules are nothing more than an afterthought. PATTSY offers the industry's most comprehensive trademark specific management capabilities for domestic and foreign portfolios whether filing standard applications, Intent-to-Use applications or applications under the Madrid Protocol. Integration with numerous public and private websites, including but not limited to USPTO (TSDR), WIPO (Madrid), EUTM, and CIPO ensures maximum efficiency and accuracy of your trademark data.

Some of the largest trademark filers in the world take advantage of these portfolio management capabilities which include a robust set of practice automation and workflow tools designed to streamline the trademark docketing process and make any IP operation more productive.

Users can generate presentation quality reports and correspondence including trademark logos and images with the industry's most comprehensive and user friendly report writer. Automated email correspondence and letter generation will free up countless work hours while eliminating human error.

Any third party and/or related matter can be managed in PATTSY's general matters module. The system includes automated docketing for trademark oppositions in the US and Canada and US patent Post-Grant Proceedings. In addition to standard, pre-defined case types such as litigation matters, domain names and copyrights, the general matters module can be configured for any number of additional internal or external purposes.

PATTSY also includes a dedicated module for licensing which can be used to track any type of third-party agreement (i.e., Material Transfers, Confidentialities, Leases, etc.) and contains a feature designed for cost and revenue management. As with the General Matters Module, the License Module can be configured to suit the needs of your practice.

Both the General Matters and License Modules employ PATTSY's single screen design and have access to a host of PATTSY's powerful features such as tracking of reminders and deadlines, document linking, automated letter generation, email correspondence and exceptional searching and reporting capabilities. Finally, any number of patent and trademark matters can be easily cross-referenced and linked to related matters in the General Matters or License Agreements module.

Our Advantages


PATTSY WAVE combines sophisticated intellectual property business logic with an incredibly intuitive user-interface. The singular focus of the software is to improve the productivity of your team while minimizing the risks associated with erroneous or inaccurate data entry.


PATTSY WAVE is designed for ease of implementation, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. Our client support team has an unwavering commitment to helping our clients achieve operational efficiency.


Our intuitive single screen interface has been a hallmark of PATTSY WAVE for decades. The seamless user experience results in huge productivity gains when measured against competing IP management software.


Our team has both IP knowledge and technical expertise to support law firms in implementing and maintaining their IP management software. Over 80% of our staff have computer science and engineering backgrounds and possess that rare combination of domain knowledge and unparalleled technical expertise.

PATTSY WAVE Highlights

Just a Few of the Many Features That Make PATTSY WAVE Uniquely Powerful

PTO Connectivity

Compare and correct data against information available in dozens of jurisdictions worldwide including USPTO (PAIR and TSDR), CIPO, EPO, EUTM, and WIPO (PCT and Madrid). A powerful risk management tool.

Interactive Docket

Review upcoming reminders and related documents in an electronic version of your docket. Close out completed events on-the-fly.

IDS Management

Simplify prior-art management by cross-citing references against family members or similar technology areas. Generate new or supplemental IDS forms with one keystroke.

AutoDocket® & Download

Automatically docket due dates and download associated documents based on office actions and other transactions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Search & Report

Any non-technical user can easily query matters and create, customize, and print reports with our exclusive and unrivalled Quick Reports tool.

Emails, Letters, & Forms

Generate PDF Fillable Forms, emails and/or custom letters at the push of a button. Automatically email documents to colleagues, foreign associates, clients, or other team members.

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THE BIG MAC dilemma and a note on PATTSY’S SPECIAL SAUCE

McDonald’s recently lost the exclusive rights to the BIG MAC word mark in the European Union after the mark was challenged by the much smaller Irish fast food chain, Supermac’s (a more detailed description of the matter is included below). While the particulars of the case are a bit more involved, PATTSY’s automated action handling would have alerted McDonald's to the need to properly use the mark in commerce.

Since its inception in 1990, PATTSY has employed thorough automation to help practitioners obtain and maintain trademark rights. Proper due diligence entails monitoring well thought out advisory actions in addition to statutory deadlines. In this case, the advisory action of note is labeled “Proof of Use.” This action dockets automatically based on PATTSY’s default rule set without need for manual intervention.

In addition to our powerful AutoDocket® feature and quality of our law file documentation, PATTSY users enjoy unparalleled workflow and supporting features that can be easily exploited to support the Proof of Use handling including the system’s interactive docket, correspondence generation, email reminder add-on, etc.

Use requirements are a tiny subset of PATTSY’s powerful AutoDocket® feature. Thanks to the reliability of our product, our customers have enjoyed decades of success in defending their worldwide trademark and patent rights.

Not all docketing systems are alike and no other docketing system does patent and trademark prosecution handling better than PATTSY! The handling described herein has been implemented in all versions of PATTSY since its inception. Customers on PATTSY should consider the PATTSY WAVE upgrade given the inclusion of additional automation and risk management tools.


McDonald's was attempting to block the Irish fast food chain, Supermac’s, from expanding into the rest of Europe by citing similarities between the name Supermac’s and the McDonald’s mark BIG MAC. Instead of attempting to distinguish themselves from the BIG MAC mark, Supermac’s requested the cancellation of the BIG MAC mark due to lack of genuine use in the European Union.

According to the ruling, the grounds for the decision came from the lack of genuine use of the BIG MAC mark for the goods or services for which it was registered:

“Genuine use of a trade mark exists where the mark is used in accordance with its essential function, which is to guarantee the identity of the origin of the goods or services for which it is registered, in order to create or preserve an outlet for those goods or services.”

Though McDonald’s did provide evidence of use in the form of affidavits, brochures, website printouts and a Wikipedia printout, it was determined to be insufficient to prove genuine use for the goods and services for which it was registered. This case can still be appealed by McDonald’s.

O P Solutions COVID-19 Update

We hope you and your families have been staying safe during this ongoing health crisis. We have successfully transitioned to a work from home environment for the past two months and have been able to maintain full support and operations.

Our phone support remains available but if possible, please send non-urgent support requests via email to Please include the nature of the problem and a number at which we can reach you. We will assign the issue to the appropriate staff member and they will return your call as promptly as possible.

We will continue to make every effort to maintain the same level of responsiveness that you have become accustomed to. We appreciate your patience and ongoing patronage.

Management Team at O P Solutions

Our PATTSY WAVE v6.0 New Features webinars are under way!

The first two PATTSY WAVE v6.0 webinars are in the books. Not to worry, additional sessions are coming soon! We are reviewing some of the best new features introduced in v6.0 and providing a sneak peek at some of the exciting developments that are resulting from Anaqua’s investments in PATTSY. Please contact our support line if you’d like to sign up for the next webinar.