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O P Solutions has been a leading provider of high quality software to the Intellectual Property legal community since 1990. We are among a very small group of providers that have survived over two decades in an industry defined by change. Our market share, which is among the highest in the industry, can be attributed to the quality and reliability of our product, the responsiveness of our support staff and our in-depth understanding of the IP landscape.

PATTSY® (Patent and Trademark Tracking System), our flagship product, is used by hundreds of organizations around the globe including some of the largest patent and trademark filers in the world.

We are among a select group of software vendors who do not outsource our research and development or route customer requests to an overseas call center. We are frequently able to complete implementation in little more time than some of our competitors require to return a technical support call. Simply stated, it is all about the product and dedication to our customers--whether the unique design of PATTSY's interface, the knowledge of our support staff or our ability to adapt to industry changes faster than any competitor.

Existing customers can for support and download the quarterly upgrade. New visitors are encouraged to refer to our extensive Buyer's Guide to learn how PATTSY will meet your IP management needs.

Managing your Patent Portfolio

PATTSY's patent management capabilities are unrivaled. Each stage of domestic and international patent prosecution has been carefully considered; the system can differentiate between provisional and non-provisional patents, continuations and continuations-in-part, PCT applications and standard foreign filings, among countless others.

Generate information disclosure statements with ease using PATTSY's IDS management tool; compile prior art citations including references across immediate or extended patent families, perform keyword searches to identify art within specific technology areas or upload prior art documents including patent filings and non-patent literature (NPL's) for reference or easy access when making IDS submissions.

In addition to its highly advanced portfolio management capabilities, PATTSY offers a robust set of practice automation and workflow tools designed to make any IP operation more productive.

Managing your Trademark Portfolio

O P Solutions' commitment to trademark management sets us apart in an industry dominated by patent-centric annuity payers. PATTSY (Patent and Trademark Tracking System) offers the industry's most comprehensive trademark specific management capabilities for domestic and foreign portfolios whether filing standard applications, Intent-to-Use applications or applications under the Madrid Protocol.

Some of the largest trademark filers in the world take advantage of these portfolio management capabilities as well as a robust set of practice automation and workflow tools designed to make any IP operation more productive.

Users can generate presentation quality reports and correspondence including trademark logos and images with the industry's most comprehensive report writer. Automated email correspondence and letter generation will free up countless work hours while eliminating human error.

Tracking Additional Intellectual Property Matters

Any third party and/or related matter can be entered in PATTSY's general matters module. The system contains many standard case definitions including litigation, oppositions, interference matters, domain names and copyrights but can be configured to include any number of additional definitions. The general matters module comes with a robust set of pre-defined actions, and can be customized for a variety of applications.

License Agreements Module

PATTSY's dedicated module for licensing can be used to track any type of third-party agreement (i.e., Material Transfers, Confidentialities, Leases, etc.). As with the General Matters Module, the License Module is completely customizable and can be configured for a wide variety of uses. It comes loaded with a basic set of pre-defined actions which can be updated and amended. Any number of Patent or Trademark records can also be cross-referenced and linked to any record in the License Module.

The License Module employs PATTSY's single screen design and has access to a host of PATTSY's powerful features such as tracking of reminders and deadlines, document linking, costs and revenue management, automated letter generation, email correspondence and exceptional searching and reporting capabilities.
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