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PATTSY WAVE incorporates the core functionality and features available in the Windows version. Built on Microsoft® .Net technology in conjunction with Microsoft’s SQL Server back end database, PATTSY WAVE provides seamless access anytime, anywhere... wherever there is internet access.

PATTSY (Client Server)
With a history of over 20 years, hundreds of organizations rely on PATTSY to manage their sensitive intellectual property matters. Available in both native and SQL versions, the system can be deployed on a single workstation or a large multi-user network. Our largest installations manage over 100,000 matters using the Windows version of PATTSY.

Buyer's Guide - Evaluating Docketing Software

The process of selecting the right IP management system can be daunting. Due to the time required for full implementation, it can be months or even a year before the features of a system are fully appreciated or used to their full potential. It is therefore to make the right selection the first time around. Over ninety percent of the systems we sell replace an existing system, many of which were purchased only a year or two earlier.

With 26 years of experience, thousands of clients have found their perfect solution with us. From solo practitioners first opening their offices to the largest and most discriminating IP firms and corporations in the world, each could potentially wind up with the right or wrong system.

While many systems have leant towards form over function, PATTSY provides both. O P Solutions provides exceptional system architecture, email capability, document management compatibility while retaining the most extensive, reliable, and user-friendly way to prosecute and maintain Intellectual Property rights. This makes PATTSY unique. With our competitors focusing on bells and whistles and playing catch up on a product a decade more mature, PATTSY can provide the strongest IP management system with all the features and more needed to make offices more productive.

To elaborate upon what exactly sets PATTSY apart, on how unique our combination of core prosecution handling and exceptional features really is, we’ve created the following Buyer’s Guide.

Choosing the Best Docketing Software

All systems Adequately Handle IP Prosecution and Docketing
The Trap! This is the unequivocal point that sets PATTSY apart from its competitors. PATTSY's practice-specific functionality will be obvious, whether:

  •   Handling office action extensions during holidays and weekends
  •   Entering a patent family
  •   Tracking a Madrid protocol trademark application
  •   Processing a final rejection

One fact alone, however, should prove the point - a comparison of PATTSY's country law file against the equivalent file in competing systems. The content specific to a US trademark or utility patent would provide a good basis for comparison. Some systems contain nothing more than a handful of country specific date calculations, while PATTSY contains an exhaustive collection (i.e., thousands) of predefined actions.

The dead ringer! Unlike widely deployed applications, niche market products typically suffer from poor or sparse documentation. Illustrative how-to information is nothing less than mission critical when it comes to complex intellectual property management systems. While our customers enjoy unlimited support via phone or email, they can also rely on our documentation which we believe to be the most inclusive in the entire industry... and it's not about “clicking the X icon to delete a record” or “click the binoculars to find a record.” Adequate documentation covers any subject from the intricate (e.g., patent family interdependencies) to the technical (e.g., comprehensive instructions on report creation) to the obvious (e.g., how to perform a boolean search). Simply stated, system documentation, or lack thereof, speaks VOLUMES about the vendor and their product!

Intuitive Software - Design Philosophy

The business is complex, the system does not have to be! Here are some points to bear in mind:

  • PATTSY is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-learn system, largely due to our unique "single screen approach."  PATTSY presents all information of a given matter on a single screen vs. many equivalent screens in competing systems.  Our approach allows users to perform most functions from one place (docketing, letter/forms generation, searches, report writing, image linking, etc).

  • PATTSY presents all information about a given client or division on a single screen.  Full details of each matter can be accessed with a single point and click (i.e., no searching or querying).  This is not available in most competitor systems and is not even possible in a non-integrated solution.

  • Searching for records is based on a unique paradigm in PATTSY frequently called "query by example".  Search criteria can be entered on the data entry screen in any field.  PATTSY presents results in tabular or full page view for printing, viewing or modification.  Users can easily search for “all ABC Corp. records in the US where a maintenance fee or renewal is due in the first quarter of next year.”  While easily stated, the equivalent search in competing systems may require modest programming knowledge, or at minimum, an extremely cumbersome “if, then, or with” statement.

  • PATTSY is an integrated database, (the patents, trademarks, general matters and license modules are all contained in a single system).  Competing systems frequently separate these modules into entirely separate databases making consolidated reporting, searching and overall use far more complex.

Software Distribution Philosophy

IP Management Software
The Upgrade Rut! While PATTSY has been designed FOR  the IP practitioner, competing systems frequently need to be designed BY  the IP practitioner. This is not an O P Solutions marketing gimmick, it is fact. Some competitors boast that their systems can be customized and designed to any client’s whim. The problem... said customization is not an option but frequently a requirement. While we have deployed our “off the shelf” version in hundreds of organizations across the globe and at times performed modest changes, many competitors simply cannot implement their product without performing substantial customizations.

By contrast, our approach since creating PATTSY in 1990 has been to constantly solicit feedback from our community and build the resulting suggestions into the core product, thereby enabling our customers to implement PATTSY "off the shelf." As a natural follow-on, we are also able to upgrade our customers without fanfare when industry changes dictate a new version. Competitors have often required years of painstaking effort to bring their client base up to their current technology. By contrast, we are able to quickly distribute our patch upgrades via email and our website, with no hassle!

The Bells and Whistles
Last but not least! Users of PATTSY enjoy some of the most advanced supporting features in the industry including but not limited to letter and forms generation, image linking, PTO connectivity tools, email interface... and the list goes on.

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