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PATTSY WAVE (Web Based) Available in PATTSY WAVE

PATTSY WAVE is the web based version of our long standing Patent and Trademark Tracking System. Our state-of-the art application was built on PATTSY's signature "single-screen design" with the addition of remote-browser based accessibility. We have integrated unique communication tools that facilitate exchange of information and encourage collaboration.

PATTSY WAVE is the ideal solution for attorneys that require easy access to data from remote locations whether on-the-road, at home or while meeting with a prospective client. WAVE also provides an exceptional and marketable interface for firms that offer data access to its clients.

IP practice automation has always been our focus but never at the expense of exceptional workflow tools such as letter and forms generation, image linking, PTO interaction and email reminders. WAVE is the ideal software choice for legal professionals looking to improve efficiency and accuracy of their domestic or international IP practice.

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PATTSY for Windows (Client Server) Available in PATTSY for Windows
Our time-tested solution established PATTSY as a market leader in the IP industry. The ease of operation provided by our unique single-screen design has consistently set PATTSY apart from competing products. PATTSY includes integrated modules for management of Patents, Trademarks, License Agreements and General Matters.

IP practice automation has always been our focus but never at the expense of exceptional workflow tools such as letter and forms generation, image linking, PTO interaction and email reminders. PATTSY is the ideal software choice for legal professionals looking to improve efficiency and accuracy of their domestic or international IP practice.

PATTSY is written in Microsoft Access and is available in standalone, network, and SQL Server versions. The software is built on industry standard Microsoft technology.

Features and Functions

All listed features are available in PATTSY WAVE.
If the feature is available in PATTSY for Windows, it is marked with the Available in PATTSY for Windows indicator.

AutoDocket® Available in PATTSY for Windows

PATTSY has the most comprehensive IP docketing capability in the industry. Upon entry of key trigger dates, PATTSY will automatically add the appropriate action items throughout the patent and trademark application process. The pre-defined action or country law file is the core of AutoDocket and contains more than 2500 pre-defined action definitions covering 230 jurisdictions throughout the world. Users can completely customize their docket strategy by modifying and/or augmenting the contents. AutoDocket has the sophistication to differentiate between a continuation and a CIP, a design and a utility patent and the idiosyncrasies of a Saturday vs. a Tuesday due date, to name a few.

PATTSY will automatically insert the particulars for each event including the action's due date, available extensions, final deadline, call up and reminder period. This functionality extends to all predefined action (e.g., office actions, final rejections, maintenance fees, etc.). Our "Docket Directing" feature suppresses unnecessary clutter by ensuring that attorneys, paralegals and other staff only receive the actions of interest on their personal docket.

Interactive Docket
Interactive Docket The Interactive Docket is designed specifically for attorneys and other responsible parties. It provides a portal to their workday and the tools necessary to meet any demand. This electronic version of the printed docket presents the user with pertinent actionable items immediately upon logging in to PATTSY.

The Interactive Docket provides an array of at-your-fingertip features to save time and facilitate communication throughout your practice. Users can review details of all upcoming events, jump to corresponding case records, close out completed events on-the-fly and view scanned documents and images such as official office actions, abstracts, or agent correspondence. Due dates can even be ported to Outlook Calendar with the push of a button and emails sent on-the-fly to attorneys, clients, secretaries or docket managers.

The Interactive Docket can also be offered to clients as an option to access the above mentioned information and communication features via a secure user defined security model.

PTO Connectivity

Web Link Available in PATTSY for Windows
PATTSY will automatically call the equivalent record on public websites after a single button is clicked from any patent or trademark record. Support is available for the United States, Canada, Europe, and WIPO among others. Users can compare PATTSY data with the equivalent public data and quickly take note of discrepancies.

Web Data Validation Tool Available in PATTSY for Windows
The Data Validation Feature is an invaluable risk management tool that helps ensure accuracy of existing patent and trademark data. It will also save substantial time during initial entry of data into PATTSY or during other high volume events (e.g., subsequent patent or trademark portfolio acquisitions, etc). The feature highlights discrepancies between your PATTSY data and that of the public PTO data. Users can then review the discrepancies and if desired, automatically update PATTSY records with the available public data. Data entered in this manner will take full advantage of PATTSY's regular automation including AutoDocket of reminders and deadlines, just as if that data had been entered manually.

The Web Data Validation Tool works in conjunction with private PAIR, TARR, CIPO patents and trademarks, PCT, EPO, OHIM (CTM) and a growing list of additional jurisdictions.

Web Data Mass Compare
Data validation in PATTSY goes further with the mass compare tool, which allows you to validate all of your records in one place. The tool will compare all of your data in PATTSY with your Private PAIR web data and give you the opportunity to update all of your records.

Data Entry and Searching Available in PATTSY for Windows

Data Entry
PATTSY's signature single screen design makes entry and retrieval of information intuitive and easy. All information including the filing particulars, actions due, and supporting information (such as patent inventors and trademark goods descriptions) are readily accessible on one screen. The more cumbersome navigational requirements in competing systems (sometimes requiring navigation through a half dozen equivalent screens) are inconvenient at minimum. At worst, the inefficiencies become crippling, especially in an already over-taxed docketing department. But with PATTSY, auto-population of related case information for international filings coupled with PATTSY's powerful Autodocket feature eases the otherwise time consuming task of manual entry.

Advanced Search Tool
PATTSY's advanced search tool takes the complexity out of complex search criteria. Although simple search capabilities (e.g., on a case number or serial number) is typically available, few competing systems offer an equivalent Advanced Search when multiple or complex criteria is introduced. The advanced search tool in PATTSY owes its simplicity to a "query by example" approach (i.e., one where the layout and content of the search screen mirrors the screen where information is entered).

After an Advanced Search is performed, the resulting data can be viewed record-by-record or displayed in tabular view (i.e., a spreadsheet like layout). The table can be sorted and column selection custom configured. Finally, the search results can populate a fully configurable Quick Report and exported to Word, Excel, or a PDF in a single click.

Intellectual Property TourStandard Reports Available in PATTSY for Windows
PATTSY offers a robust set of presentation-quality standard reports. Ideal for attorneys, clients or internal use, standard reports are organized and concise. Users can quickly select the content for any report and print out the results with a single click. All reports can be printed, emailed or ported to Excel, Word or PDF formats.

Quick Reports
PATTSY WAVE builds on PATTSY's standard reports with our exclusive custom report writing tool, Quick Reports, which can be exploited by even the least seasoned users. No knowledge of programming or complex third party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports is required. Data is simply gathered through one of PATTSY's flexible search features and subsequently accessed by the report writer where formatting and sorting are configured in a few easy steps. Attorneys and other IP professionals no longer need to burden technical or docketing teams to obtain elegant printed or electronic data.

Docket Reports Available in PATTSY for Windows
Due dates may be viewed in a wide range of formats including printed form, on screen via the interactive docket, in an Outlook calendar or via emailed reminders. The docket scheduler can further automate the distribution of due date information via overnight email of complete docket reports. Finally, PATTSY's docket scheduler facilitates the automated overnight distribution of docket reports via email.

Letters and Forms Generation Available in PATTSY for Windows
Letter Generation
PATTSY has the most advanced letter and forms generation capability in the industry. Internal and client correspondence can be created as word processing documents in MS Word. Virtually any data from the Patent, Trademark, General Matter and License Agreement modules can be included in correspondence - including embedded images such as trademark logos. This feature alone will save your firm countless hours and help eliminate typos and copy & paste errors.

Any letter can be set to generate based on triggers that occur as part of normal data entry activities such as the entry of a file or issue date, thereby automating the client correspondence process. A batch of all triggered letters can be printed, signed and sent to the appropriate recipients at any interval.

Forms Library
The forms library assists in the prosecution and maintenance of patent and trademark matters in the US and with PCT. All forms (patent transmittal, trademark transmittal, PCT Demand, etc.) work in conjunction with the PATTSY letter generator. As such, the user only needs to select a form from within the appropriate patent or trademark record and PATTSY will automatically fill-in the available field information. The form will then be ready for printing or editing and subsequently for submission to the PCT or USPTO.

Email Correspondence

Email Reminders Interface Available in PATTSY for Windows
The Email Reminder Module is designed as a supplement to PATTSY's printed dockets. On a nightly basis, individual reminders will be generated for open action items in close proximity to their due dates and sent via Outlook or other email service to the appropriate responsible party. It is an excellent feature for those interested in effective risk management.

Email Collaboration Tool
Users can open an email template prepopulated with vital information related to any matter or due date event in PATTSY WAVE. Documents associated with the event are automatically linked to the email and directed to any number of responsible individuals including attorneys, clients and docket staff.

One real-world example relates to the dissemination of information for an incoming office action: attach an electronic copy of the office action to a record in PATTSY, docket a due date for the office action and click a button to bring up the Email Collaboration Tool. Send the resulting email including the event details and attached office action to the responsible attorney, client, or any other party.

Document and Image Linking Available in PATTSY for Windows
IP Docketing Software Image Linking
Images can be included in reports and letters to produce output that is informative, professional and eye-catching. The feature is supported through all modules in PATTSY. Trademark logos, designs and patent drawings among other content can be linked and subsequently referenced from any case record. Images can easily be included in standard reports, user-defined (custom) reports, and form letters.

Document Linking
In addition to images, any number of documents can be linked to a matter in PATTSY and accessed from any PATTSY connected workstation regardless of where it was scanned and/or linked. The document linking feature is ideal for creation of electronic file folders for those firms moving toward paperless offices or those that want to cut down on the constant search for file folders. Any document, be it an office action, agent correspondence, client instructions or otherwise, can be linked to a matter in PATTSY.

Available in PATTSY WAVE In PATTSY WAVE, documents can be linked to specific event reminders and then automatically attached to emails generated from the system. Additionally, Clients with access to the system can view or upload documents on their own if given appropriate permissions.

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